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Austria – Top destination for camping-fans


Camping means vacation WITH the family...

Austria’s many camping sites offer a great opportunity for a holiday in the heart of nature. Image the difference - a romantic camp fire instead of frozen food, a strummed guitar instead of a blarring radio, good conversation instead of the TV.
Camping holidays have so much to offer. All the family rally around and come together to through sharing all the tasks and new experiences. And finally mum gets a rest from the cooking!

Camping means adventure and fun...

In every Austrian province there are many camping sites to satisfy the most different desires. From the simple and rustic to the modern and luxurious - there is the right one for everybody. All Austrian campsites offer excellent sanitary facilities, restaurants, shops, discos, sports offers, bathing opportunities and much more.

Camping – holidays in the midst of nature...

In the morning the first sunrays kiss the sleepy camping fans. Get out of the tent and feel the fresh the grass under your feet. Swallow hard! - fresh, clear air, stunning scenery and a morning-dip in the lake. And then enjoy an “open air breakfast” with the whole family. A camping holiday is a wonderful opportunity of discover the majesty of Nature and is a great alternative to the usual all-inclusive holidays in big holiday resorts.

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